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Sunday, December 30, 2012

theBalm Balm Girls Lipstick in Mia Moore: Review, Photos and Swatch

Looking for the perfect red lipstick to get you all glammed up this coming New Year’s Eve celebration? Well, your search may well be over with the theBalm Balm Girls lipstick in Mia Moore.




Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sweet Indulgence: Mango Float

Last week, we went to Dipolog City to visit Zane’s relatives and join them in celebrating their town’s annual fiesta. The celebration revolved around the parade, a church mass and of course, food! We had such a lovely time and we can’t wait to go back there – for good. Our plans of moving down to the “Gateway to Western Mindanao” is currently on the works and we’ll be blogging more about it soon.

Anyway, on the day we’re about to head back home to Dumaguete, Zane’s extremely accommodating Auntie Vivian and Uncle Resty gave us a box of sweet carabao mangoes or “manggang kalabaw.” The box weighed around 10 kilos so we’re talking about lotsa’ mangoes here. On our way home, I was already thinking about what to do with all of them when Zane gave me a light-bulb moment with the idea of making Mango Float.




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