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Thursday, August 30, 2012

PURR Day Thursday: Zavi, Birthday Boy-O

Last Tuesday was the birthday of our male blue smoke Persian cat. Zavi Boy-O just turned ONE! He’s not so boy-O anymore… :( But he’s still so adorable!

Well, we celebrated by giving all of them some special cat food as treats. Sorry, wasn’t able to take any photos since the house was a mess! LOL! But we did take some pictures when we gave him the chance to explore the world beyond the screen.


Zavi B-Day Boy-O


Our cats are not that into the outdoorsy stuff, except Laguum and the occasional forced excursion, and prefer to stay cooped up inside. Or maybe we just don’t wanna take the risk of them going out and chasing some chickens to death! I can just imagine the horror (not to mention embarrassment) of explaining to our neighbors how their chickens died – at the paws of our “cute, docile and cuddly” little babies. At least that’s how everyone sees them, which is SO far from the truth. They’re cute and cuddly but we wouldn’t describe them as docile. EVER. *wink*




Anyway, we opened the screen door and it took him more than 10 minutes to get the courage to step out of the safety of our home. We placed their favorite perch stool outside so he can have something familiar in the strange outside world. The first thing he did was jump up on the stool and surveyed the area like a BOSS. Then he gingerly stepped on the gravel path while furtively looking at all sides. He was so skittish that he jumps at every little sound. Poor baby. When you’ve been staying inside for almost half your life, the outdoors can seem pretty unnerving. We were afraid he’d hurt himself that we picked him up and put him back down at the porch. When we tried to usher him back inside though, he wanted to stay outside. So we obliged. It’s his birthday anyway so he’s the boss.


Who goes there?! Don't scare me, please.


He sat around our feet for several minutes then he went back down to the gravel. Still gingerly stepping and sniffing everything he can get his nose on. Eventually he got to the part where the grasses grew and he liked the smell of them. He even bit a grass or two off of its stem! That’s how much he liked them.

When he grew bored of the surroundings, he went back to the porch on his own. He stayed outside for more than half an hour but he mewled at us in front of the screen door to signal that he wants to go back in. Apparently, outdoor time was over. Bossy little boy-O! :)


This grass sure smells funny. Lemme taste it for yah!




  1. Your kitty is GORGEOUS...and I have to say, looks exactly like my sweet cat that lived to be 18 years old. Great photos!!

    1. Thank you so much Aggie! Nice to meet another cat lover ;)



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