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Thursday, August 23, 2012

PURR Day Thursday: Ashké: Critter Hunter

Li’l Ashké, our shaded silver Persian cat, is a very fierce hunter. Or so she fancies herself to be. When she isn’t dozing (which, since she’s a cat, she does almost 18 hours a day), she’s busy going after beetles, grasshoppers and especially lizards that had the misfortune of getting accidentally trapped inside our house. Whenever we notice that she’s playing with an insect again, we always took pity on the poor beleaguered critter and let it out. Though sometimes we would be too late to rescue the little creature and we’ll find bits and pieces of it scattered all around the house. And here we thought an animal’s hunter instincts get culled out when they’re domesticated. Or maybe she just plays a tad too rough… Wonder how she’ll fare with the big boys in the jungle. *wink*


Ashké when her little playmate gets taken away


Of late though, she has gotten obsessed with a little bird that lounges outside our porch. We don’t know the exact specie of this bird but it has a body about 4-inches long and has a black and white plumage. It also chirps loudly; more so when it’s attacking the stray dogs and cats of the neighborhood. We have taken to calling it “Bully Bird” and have tagged it as male since it is amazing how a small bird like that can terrorize animals that are way, WAY bigger than it is. We’ve tried capturing the act in a video but Bully Bird is kinda camera shy and would fly away once it senses us. ‘Guess to be a YouTube sensation isn’t one of its ambitions. Lol!


That's Bully Bird, Ashké's feathered fiend


But taunting our cats is apparently at the top of his goals in life… Bully bird comes by 3-4 times a day and chirps away to his keenly absorbed audience on the other side of the screen. Our cats would recklessly bump their heads on the mesh in their eagerness to get to him. He would fly lazily in front of them, chirp without a care in the world and goes back to his perch. Most of our cats would soon lose interest after several minutes but Ashké is another matter. She’ll intently stare at the offending creature while hunching atop her favorite stool until it flies away. If looks could kill, eh?


Ashké with her death stare


The good thing about it is that Ashké’s feathered fiend is keeping her from diminishing the lizard, grasshopper and other critter population considerably. We just have to make sure the screen door is securely latched or she might just get the chance to be extremely familiar with Bully Bird’s feathers.


Ashké, "Can I take a closer look at Bully Bird? Purr-ty please..."


Any new friends for your pets recently?


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