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Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Blogging (An End to a 4-month Writing Drought)

We pretty much neglected our blog the last several months and I think that’s one of the capital sins of blogging. So, yup we’ll be going to a place in hell where lazy bloggers are punished. Since Diablo 3 has something to do with it, it’s a fitting end. *wink* Damn you, Diablo!!!

But anyhow we’re back to blogging now and that’s all that matters! Yipeeee! And if you haven’t noticed, we have “spiffy-fied” our blog. Check out the minimalist banner and new social icons at the top! And new watermark and signatures, too! Also, we have finally made an “About Us” page – after more than a year! Talk about lazy bloggers! LOL!

Since we’ve been MIA for so long, we are apologizing by introducing another addition to our line-up of topics. Below is a teaser image:

We have just been infected with the “travel bug” and it’s urging us to go places! So, we will be sharing our vacation stories through the new “Drifting Hammock” series, which will cover the sights and destinations we will wander to. As newbies to the travelling phenomenon ourselves, we know the importance of being well-informed before going to a totally new place. With this in mind, we will be including some details on the costs of transportation, accommodation and other travelling nuggets of knowledge that we will encounter on our journeys – with lots of photos, too!

Up next week will be about the first-ever “real” vacation we had together. We went to a little island nearby with surprising powdery-white sand: the ill-famed land of voodoo magic in the Philippines, Siquijor. See yah!

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