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Thursday, February 16, 2012

PURR Day Thursday: Loving the Countryside

One of the best things we love about having moved to a new house a few minutes outside of the city is the big open space. Of course the grass needing to be trimmed every few weeks is a little exasperating, but it’s all worth it. And our cats appear to agree! Here’s a picture of Laguum when we took her outside for a little stroll.


Laguum enjoying her first outdoor adventure


It took a few days for her to get accustomed to her collar, but she just needed several minutes to ignore her leash and started sniffing the grass and enjoy the outdoors in all its glory. This includes taking a chunk out of a leaf of one of our porch plants and trying to lie down on the carabao grass! LOL


On the Left: Zavi sniffing plants | On the Right: Laguum testing her climbing skills while Skorpi watches


Now, every time we hang out on the porch, they mewl to be let out and explore outside. Their pitiful cries and “puss-in-boots” eyes are enough to melt your heart and you wouldn’t be able to deny them anything! Crafty little mites! LOL


Gazing through the screendoor


The change of scenery was certainly refreshing. They absolutely love the view and the assortment of trees, plants, chickens, geese and turkeys makes it more interesting than the bustle of cars and motorcycles. Next up is the beach. Wonder how they’ll react to that! :)




  1. They are SO adorable! Who could resist those adorable faces! I think it's great that they're actually leashed trained!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Ann! We're slowly training them so that we can take them out for a walk instead of just being cooped up inside the house. :)



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