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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chronicles of the Feline Foodie: Purina Friskies Hairball Management

Nestle Purina Philippines had a video contest last December which allowed us to showcase our cats and their adorable antics. Luckily, we managed to be one of the winners and they sent us 1 case or 6 packs of 1.5 KG Friskies Ocean Fish Flavor and 1 case or 6 packs of 1.4 KG Friskies Hairball Management. The latter variety piqued our interest since our cats are all longhaired and hairball is one of the cat health issues that we are most concerned about.




Cats are natural self-groomers. They like to keep themselves clean and odor free. As they tidy up themselves, the backwards-facing spines on their tongues catch loose hair and are being ingested. Normally, the swallowed fur will simply pass through the digestive tract and come out along with the feces. In some cases, as with medium to long haired cats and those that greatly shed, the excess hair accumulates in their stomach forming what we call hairballs. Cats will eliminate hairballs by lowering their bodies to the ground while hacking and gagging until they vomit them out accompanied with some liquid and food. It’s not a beautiful sight but it’s actually kind of a good thing since hairballs can result into a life-threatening condition if not eliminated regularly.

Daily brushing from pet owners can help reduce the amount of fur our cats swallow to prevent the hairball problem from recurring. Also, there are a number of cat foods, treats and food supplements intended to aid our pets to pass their excess fur easier than they normally can.

Nestle Purina gave us the perfect opportunity to put their Friskies Hairball Management dry cat food to the test. We gradually changed our cats’ current dry cat food diet to this formula in the course of 7 days (to avoid runs, gas and upset stomach). To date, our cats have been completely accustomed to this diet for the last three weeks.




The Friskies Hairball Management dry cat food is true to its promise of helping our cats get rid of their nasty hairballs. We noticed that every other day or every three days tops, our cats would cough up hairballs easier and faster than they usually could. We find that they also enjoy eating it, too. Their noses seem to be always in the way when we are filling their bowls up with it! No signs of them getting bored with their new cat chow as of the moment!

Here’s a picture of Tu’sha enjoying a bowlful of his hard-won kibbles! LOL






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