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Monday, August 1, 2011

Chronicles of the Feline Foodie: Friskies Party Mix cat treats (Review & Photos)

Buying treats for our cats has always been a challenge. It’s either they would eat them and end up getting stomach upsets or they would just ignore them… completely!

It’s a different story with Friskies Party Mix treats. They would refrain from doing whatever they are into (mostly sleeping) and run towards us once they hear a quick shake from their new HG cat treat bag. All of our cats go absolutely crazy over them!

Friskies Party Mix cat treats - flavor-coated snacks

We love how this brand came up with several flavors to choose from so that the cats will not get bored from eating just one flavor. We have purchased three different flavors so far: Original Crunch, Picnic Crunch and Mixed Grill Crunch (chicken, beef & salmon flavors). 

Original Crunch (chicken, liver & turkey flavors)

Mixed Grill Crunch (chicken, beef & salmon flavors)

Picnic Crunch (chicken, turkey & cheddar flavors)

The price is also easy on the budget since a bag only costs around $2.59 (60 g) at PETCO or sometimes even lower than that if they're on sale. Also, they come in resealable ziplock bags to keep the treats fresh up to the last kibble.

Resealable lid

So far, we don’t have any complaints about this product except for its limited availability here in the Philippines. Hopefully, Purina Philippines would consider including this to their current pet product line.

What cat treats do your cats love?


  1. Our favorites are either Temptations or Whiska's treats. Have to get the Food Source to get some of those to try.

    Have you checked on-line? Shipping might be fierce, but it couldn't hurt to check.

  2. Ohhh... we have been eyeing Whiska's treats as well. We'll include those on our next order at PETCO. International shipping fees sure are fierce but we still do it for the love of cats! [Van]



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