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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SHEER COVER Extra Length Mascara: Review and Swatch

Product Description:
• This mineral based, vitamin-enriched formula contains Panthenol to condition lashes while helping to prevent breakage. 
• Separates and lengthens beautifully for a lush, gorgeous look.
• Available in Black/Brown.
• Size: 4ml / 0.13fl oz

Retails at: £ 8.95

Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara
I’m not really big on mascaras because I have oily lids and I usually end up with raccoon eyes when wearing one. That kinda’ changed when I tried using Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara sent to me as a gift from Zane’s Mom.

Black/Brown / 4ml or 0.13fl oz
I was actually surprised when I tried this on because it didn’t budge the entire day. But of course, it ran a little bit but I was able to fix it with a single, feathery light wipe from my fingertip. No makeup eraser or Wet Ones necessary.

It volumizes my lashes without being clumpy at all. It also leaves my lashes so soft after application and gives them a nice length. It separates every single, individual lash per coat which makes it natural looking. I did not experience any irritation, mainly because it’s mineral based.

Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara - Wand
What’s not to like? Could be the price but considering that it’s such a great product, I would certainly repurchase.

Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara - Swatch

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