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Thursday, July 21, 2011

PURR Day Thursday: Friskies Party Mix, Trader Joe's and Country Squire cat food and cat treats HAUL!

Hello peeps! We’ve just been very busy with work and family commitments which is why we were not able to update our blog these last couple of weeks. Sorry about that…

Anyway, we’ve been receiving requests from you guys to review different cat foods and cat supplies here on Spicy Beautiful. We’ll review as many cat related stuff as we can so keep reading. For the meantime, you can go here to check out our lazy cats’ stash-o-goodies.

Here are the cat foods and treats we hauled this month. We’ll be reviewing them starting next week. 

To read our review for Friskies Party Mix, click HERE.

ProPet Country Squire Premium Cat Food (Laguum's latest throne)

Trader Joe's canned cat food

Next Purr Day Thursday, we'll be posting the promo mechanics of our Friskies Party Mix giveaway so be sure to check back then!

Friskies Party Mix

What did you haul for your cats lately?

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