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Thursday, June 30, 2011

PURR Day Thursday with LAGUUM: Cats and air conditioning

Turning on the AC is one of the ways in which we help our cats beat the heat during this very long summer.

Look at how Laguum loves to sleep on top of our pillow right under the AC’s vent. From the looks of it, she likes the air blowing on her too.

Kitty Siesta!

How do you keep your cats cool during a hot and humid weather?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

THE FACE SHOP Baked Triple Color in 03 Silver Gray: Review and Swatches

Product Description:

1. Absolutely outstanding lasting power.
2. No Fly away of pigments. (Excellent adhesive power)
3. High in shimmer but tiny sparkles give elegant and glamorous finish.
4. It is very compact, convenient size to carry around and contains a tip sponge brush.

Easily workable Triple color shadow that delivers ultra glamorous sheen and glow to your eyes.Baked method was used to increase its lasting and adhesive power. 

Php495.00 / 4.5g

The Face Shop Baked Triple Color eyeshadow in 03 Silver Gray - compact
The Face Shop Baked Triple Color eyeshadow in 03 Silver Gray - label

The Face Shop Baked Triple Color eyeshadow in 03 Silver Gray - with built-in mirror and sponge applicator

Ashkē messed with my makeup toolbox a while ago and accidentally tossed The Face Shop Baked Triple Color eyeshadow in 03 Silver Gray on the tiled floor. Good thing, the packaging is so sturdy and its lid is so secure, it didn’t break. I guess that’s a harsh sign that I should be reviewing this now. LOL :D

The Face Shop Baked Triple Color eyeshadow in 03 Silver Gray - in the pan  (White, Grey & Silver)

This eyeshadow trio looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan but don’t expect that this would show just as pretty when applied without a little work. The pigmentation is actually magnificent when applied wet. However, the colors appear to be super duper sheer and subtle when applied dry that they won’t show up at all unless you’re very fair and cooler toned.

The Face Shop Baked Triple Color eyeshadow in 03 Silver Gray - WET swatches

Is it just me or do you also have experiences with baked eyeshadow products that don’t go well with brushes? This little baby has that same quality that’s why I recommend that you use a sponge applicator to pick up a good amount of color to apply to your lids before turning to your brushes for blending. The staying power is good but will definitely last longer with a primer.

Overall, it’s a nice and affordable choice esp. if you’re just starting to work with baked eyeshadow products in pulling of light to heavy smokey eye looks.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beyond the Bookshelf: Hounded by Kevin Hearne

I’ve never really tried delving into the Urban Fantasy book genre because a couple of things kinda ruined it for me. First is that it is usually tied in with the Young Adult genre and second is that most of the books in this category tend to lean towards the sappy romantic stories with vampires in it (yes, I’m looking at you Stephenie Meyer). So, all these years I’ve just stuck with my trusted Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre with the occasional adventurous foray into the fiction world. But a few months ago I stumbled into Hounded, written by new author Kevin Hearne, and it is tragically labeled as Urban Fantasy. (I saw it in one of the promotional posts by Del Rey, a publisher that I trust when it comes to Fantasy novels.) Anyway, I gave it a try and got hooked!

Atticus wielding his magical sword, Fragarach

Hounded is the first of a six-book series called The Iron Druid Chronicles. What attracted me to it initially was that it’s written by a male middle-aged comic book enthusiast. So I knew that any crappy romantic foolishness would be minimal, hence only a mild irritant (yep, still lookin’ at you Stephenie). It also features a lot of mythological lore from Celtic to Nordic, and even Christianity thrown in for good measure.

Well, what’s not to like? I won’t go into details with what the story is all about but the characters are hilarious and the retorts are so filled with irony it drips. Atticus and Oberon's antics are so sidesplittingly humorous that even our grumpy and dour cats LOL'd! The storytelling is simple but witty and the plot is fast-paced and easy to follow yet still offers a few surprises and twists. All in all, an entertaining and fun novel to read! For those of you addicted to vampires and werewolves, don’t worry! There are a few characters there that fit the bill. And some witches and a sexy barmaid too if you’re into that stuff!

Well, I’m off to read the next book in the series, Hexed, with a flagon o’ beer as Kevin Hearne is wont to do! Rula Bula!

How about you? What Urban Fantasy novel has got you hooked lately?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

PURR Day Thursday with ASHKē: Looking at a cat's nose...

A cat's nose leather comes in a variety of colors. It can be of a solid color much like the color of its coat - grey, pink, black - or can sometimes be a combination as can be seen with bi color cats.

We were having so much fun rubbing noses with Ashkē today and thought about sharing it with you guys. 

That's one healthy cat's nose!

According to, one way of evaluating your cat’s overall health is to check its nose. A healthy cat’s nose is “velvety” and “pleasant” in texture. Ideally, it should be moist but it can also be dry depending on the environment’s temperature. If it’s too wet with heavy nasal discharge, a visit to your veterinarian may be necessary to check if a respiratory infection is present.

Have you checked your cat's nose lately?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

VICTORIA'S SECRET Beauty Rush Body Double Mist and Body Drink Lotion in PLUMDROP: Review

Product description:
A doubly sweet hydration sensation! Two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix things up for soft, scented skin. 8.4 oz

Retails at:
USD 12.00
PHP 1,175.00
Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist and Body Drink Lotion in Plumdrop

Get a handful of plum halves (preferably the fresh ones but we’re using the fruit preserves version since we can’t grow them here in the Philippines) and toss them in a tall glass of velvety smooth milkshake topped with heavenly vanilla ice cream deliciousness to have a little idea of how Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist and Body Drink Lotion in Plumdrop most probably tastes… errr… smells like.

I must say it’s quite close but what I’m sure about is that Plumdrop holds a very unique scent. It’s fresh and clean without being too citrus-y. The creaminess of its fragrance is sweet but not sickeningly sugary. IMO, spraying this a lot on your body will not offend sensitive noses around – that’s how soft it gets.

Most Beauty Rush aficionados would agree that the lasting power of their favorite Victoria’s Secret scent line is weak – about 2-3 hours alone and about 3-4 hours if you will layer them on with their body drink lotion counterparts. You may want to skip this if you want your body cologne/spray to last the whole day right after wearing them in the morning before heading to work or school.

Everything seems to be in balance here. The scent doesn’t seem to change from the moment you smell it from the bottle and until it dries down on the skin which is great. I’m about to run out of this in a month or so and I would definitely repurchase.

Btw, here’s the new plastic cylinder packaging of Plumdrop from the VS website:

Photo from

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day, TU'SHA!

Here's an ube (taro) roll cake treat we got from Goldilocks for Tu'sha since it was Father's Day yesterday. Well, for the most part, we were the ones who actually ate it since he's not a fan of sweet treats and desserts. It could be due to some scientific assumptions saying that cats are "sweet blind" and can't taste sweetness at all. He did eat bits and pieces of the chiffon base but didn't even bother to lick some of the icings and macapuno toppings. 

The real Father's Day treat for him was skipping his regular cat grooming session today which explains why his fur looks kinda' dull in this picture. Man, do you guys think he was happy to be spared from regular bathing, deshedding & blowdrying extravaganza? :)

We know this is a day late but what the heck, Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Li'L ASHKē's Birthday Invitation


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