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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BATH & BODY WORKS Blushing Cherry Blossom fragrance mist: Review

Product Description:

"Cherry blossoms blended with lighthearted jasmine, rose juliette and crisp citrus capture the romantic first blush of spring. Fresh. Radiant. Blissful."

USD 12.00

BATH & BODY WORKS Blushing Cherry Blossom fragrance mist

This is my favorite scent from BBW’s “Cherry Blossom” family. If my memory serves me right, this was launched through the Pleasures Collection a few years back which was LE and then it became permanent but eventually got discontinued last year.

Bath & Body Works’ Blushing Cherry Blossom is a light, floral scent that smells like fresh bouquet of roses in the morning. Most rose scented mists and perfumes I have tried are way too musky for summer and surprisingly, this one isn’t. It’s one of those multi-tasking scents that can be worn during any season. I guess it’s because of its clean linen dry-down.

For a body mist, its lasting power is awesome. I have tried wearing this for 5-7 hours on several occasions and most people could still pick it up.

BBW still don’t carry this scent in their Classics/Retired Scents section. Too bad, I’m down to my last bottle. I guess I have to move on to the next scent as soon as I run out of this. 

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