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Saturday, February 12, 2011

VICTORIA'S SECRET Beauty Rush Body Double Mist in Cupquake: Review

Product description:

8.4 oz

A doubly sweet hydration sensation! Two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix things up for soft, scented skin.

USD 12.00
PHP 1,175.00

VICTORIA'S SECRET Beauty Rush Body Double Mist in Cupquake

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist in Cupquake hums “YUMMY” in every spritz. This stuff smells absolutely delicious! I soooo love its baked vanilla cupcake scent that I can pretty much describe as warm and soothing.

Fans of the now discontinued Slice of Heaven has turned to this scent because of the obvious similarity. Sure, both of them are vanilla type scents but I can say that Cupquake has this lighter sugary embrace than Slice of Heaven which I find richer and more syrupy sweet.

The mist contains some kind of oil so I am careful not to spray it on my clothes. It doesn't go dry on me so I guess it has moisturizing properties as well. 

Just like any other scent from the Beauty Rush line, the lasting power is not really great unless you layer it on with its body drink lotion counterpart.

Personally, I am still passionate about this product even if others fail to pick up its scent after about 2-3 hours. That’s not really a big deal because I only wear it for myself and for my special someone who has got some good things to say about this as well. I will definitely purchase more bottles if in case VS decides to discontinue it. 


  1. It sounds so good the way described made me kinda hungry! lol


  2. Hi Marcy! Thanks for dropping by. The scent makes me crave for vanilla cupcakes most of the time :D



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