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Monday, February 21, 2011

BENEFIT Eye Bright: Product Rave, Review and Swatch

Product Description:

Instant eye brightener
1.4 g Net wt. 0.05 oz

Stroke this pink brightening pencil on the inner and outer corners of the eye to look instantly wide-awake. It's like a coffee break in a stick!

USD 20.00

BeneFit Eye Bright pencil
BeneFit Eye Bright pencil label

I got this pencil from my BeneFit Some Beauty to Love kit. I really don’t know why but honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to this product at first. Later on, I have realized that incorporating this pencil to my daily makeup routine makes a world of difference.

BeneFit Eye Bright is a gorgeous cool light pink/lavender pencil that is described by BeneFit as an “instant eye brightener”.

BeneFit Eye Bright pencil tip

I initially used this as a brow highlight for some lifting action. I also find it great in lightening up the inner and outer corner of my eyes. Eventually, I discovered that it can also hide the dark shadows under my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, this is not exactly a concealer. If you need a product to cover some major pigmentation, blemishes and very dark under eye circles, I don’t think Eye Bright can do that for you. It will simply “brighten” up some specific areas around your eyes to give you a more “awake” look.

It has a very creamy consistency which makes application and blending very easy. Just a little bit of this brings subtle sheen around my eyes. You can wear this on your regular primer, concealer or foundation. Be careful not to put too much of this though for it can get cakey. 

BeneFit Eye Bright swatch

For someone like me who often stays very late at night and wakes up with tired and puffy eyes in the mornings, spending $20.00 for this Godsend pencil is definitely worth it. I love this product and will definitely repurchase this once I run out of it. I don’t think I can live without this product at the moment. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

VICTORIA'S SECRET Beauty Rush Body Double Mist in Cupquake: Review

Product description:

8.4 oz

A doubly sweet hydration sensation! Two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix things up for soft, scented skin.

USD 12.00
PHP 1,175.00

VICTORIA'S SECRET Beauty Rush Body Double Mist in Cupquake

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist in Cupquake hums “YUMMY” in every spritz. This stuff smells absolutely delicious! I soooo love its baked vanilla cupcake scent that I can pretty much describe as warm and soothing.

Fans of the now discontinued Slice of Heaven has turned to this scent because of the obvious similarity. Sure, both of them are vanilla type scents but I can say that Cupquake has this lighter sugary embrace than Slice of Heaven which I find richer and more syrupy sweet.

The mist contains some kind of oil so I am careful not to spray it on my clothes. It doesn't go dry on me so I guess it has moisturizing properties as well. 

Just like any other scent from the Beauty Rush line, the lasting power is not really great unless you layer it on with its body drink lotion counterpart.

Personally, I am still passionate about this product even if others fail to pick up its scent after about 2-3 hours. That’s not really a big deal because I only wear it for myself and for my special someone who has got some good things to say about this as well. I will definitely purchase more bottles if in case VS decides to discontinue it. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

REVLON ColorStay Soft & Smooth lipcolor in Cozy Coral 370: Review and Swatch

Product Description:

370 (Cozy Coral)
0.11 Oz / 3.2 g

Lipstick so soft and smooth you won't believe it's long-lasting. Hours and hours of luscious, feel good color in one smooth step. Available in a wide range of beautiful shades. 

USD 9.99
PHP 575.00

REVLON ColorStay Soft & Smooth lipcolor in Cozy Coral 370

Revlon is my favorite drugstore cosmetic brand until they discontinued my HG coral lipstick for everyday wear.

Every time I apply Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth lipcolor 370 in “Cozy Coral” on my pigmented lips, I let out a sigh of disappointment. I am guessing that my love affair with this lipstick will end 6-10 months from now. :(

Now back to my review, I think this lipstick is very wearable and it smells good too. It has a very nice soft coral shade that gives a very light, frosty finish. Others say that its color comes off as a little bit orangey but for me, it’s actually very peachy.

REVLON ColorStay Soft & Smooth lipcolor in Cozy Coral 370 (swatch)

I love how smooth it glides when I apply it and how it maintains moisture on my lips for hours. The staying power is above average – lasts about 4-5 hours. The only pitfall of this product is the tube. If you’re not careful, the clear cap will collect smudges of the lipstick inside and that’s not at all very pleasant to see.

I can almost imagine myself sadly scraping my last tube of this gorgeous lippy clean as early as now. The search for a lip product for daily wear that is as great as this one is on!


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