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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE FACE SHOP Baked Shimmer 04 Plum Nuance: Review and Swatches

Product Description:

THE FACE SHOP Baked Shimmer 04 Plum Nuance
"Baked to light up"

Description: The spectrum effect of light reflecting properties impart color and subtle glow to the face. Oven baked formula blends on skin effortlessly and stays put for long wearing sheer, transparent color. Comes in four different shades that can be applied alone or mixed to highlight or impart subtle glow and color to the eyes and cheeks.

- Baked (Terra Cotta) method was used: Absolutely outstanding lasting power. 
- No Fly away of pigments: (Excellent adhesive power) 
- 80% shimmering pigment: Highly glowing finish. 
- Multi-use: Can be used as shadow: (Use a wet sponge tip brush to give more intense color on eyes)

SGD: 33.50
PHP 900.00

I bought The Face Shop’s Baked Shimmer in Plum Nuance because I thought it’s going to be a great alternative to The Body Shop’s Shimmer Waves. My expectations were too high, I guess.

It has four different shades and I was so excited to use it as an eyeshadow for it claims to “impart subtle glow and color to the eyes”. After several testing (yes, I’m a firm believer of 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances), I realized that it lacks pigmentation. There’s not enough color in there for me to accentuate specific areas around my eyes.

What I love about this product is that there’s no obvious glitter in it. It only gives this nice, pretty sheen with my NC30 skin tone for summer. I usually apply it by swirling the colors altogether using an angled blush brush (the mini brush is, ehem, useless) and apply it as a highlighter over cream or matte blush for a healthy glow. If you’re an NW15, I believe you can use it as a standalone sheer blush.

The white/translucent shade on top is a good as an eye brow bone highlighter. Just don’t put too much of it though, otherwise, you’ll look like a ghost. I also tried to use it as a body shimmer using a big fluffy brush and that worked out just fine except for it's subtle chalky cosmetic scent.

The packaging is nice. If it’s furniture, I would call its compact container sturdy. I can just put in inside my purse without having to worry about finding its powder all over the place.

Overall, The Face Shop’s Baked Shimmer in Plum Nuance is an “okay” product. I recommend it to those of you with a light to ivory skin tones.

THE FACE SHOP Baked Shimmer 04 Plum Nuance (Front)

THE FACE SHOP Baked Shimmer 04 Plum Nuance (with built in mirror and mini blush brush)

THE FACE SHOP Baked Shimmer 04 Plum Nuance (closer look at the pan)

THE FACE SHOP Baked Shimmer 04 Plum Nuance (Top to Bottom Swatches)

THE FACE SHOP Baked Shimmer 04 Plum Nuance (Back Sticker)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

BeneFit Some Beauty to Love: Review

Yippee! I just received the Benefit Some Beauty to Love set in the mail today. Check out the product information from Sephora below:

BENEFIT Some Beauty To Love ($76 Value) Retails for $29

What it is:
A limited-edition set of four Benefit "lust-haves" in a collectible, purse-shaped box.

What it does:
This kit is the perfect gift for the beauty obsessed and includes an array of face-brightening products including: one full-size Coralista coral-pink cheek powder, one full-size Eye Bright instant eye brightener, and deluxe minis of "That Gal" brightening face primer and BADgal Lash mascara.

This set contains:
- 0.42 oz CORALista cheek powder with brush
- 0.05 oz Eye Bright instant eye brightener
- 0.14 oz BADgal Lash Mascara
- 0.25 oz "That Gal" face primer

BENEFIT Some Beauty to Love set

I was thrilled to check out the cute, vintage looking cardboard purse that’s holding all these “lust-haves” together. It also has a golden clasp and a couple of silky black, rope-like handles. It's durable but not durable enough to carry any other stuff besides make up but it makes a good decoration on any girl's top drawer.

Inside the box was a different story. I was surprised to see that it doesn't have any bubble wrap or foam of some sort to keep all the products in place. Instead, it only has a black tulle net that's not doing anything at all. I immediately reached out for the Coralista blush to check if it got broken! I’ll be devastated if it was for it’s the reason why I bought this set in the first place. I want to know if it’s really worth the hype it gets. 

I will allot a week or two to test each product and I will update you guys soon! :)

BENEFIT Some Beauty to Love set

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Different Types of Blush

Blush has always been one of the most used makeup products. Not all women are blessed with rosy pink cheeks and a blush on helps one achieve that. It helps in adding color to your face and enhances the natural glow onto the apples of your cheeks. Today, blushes come in different types and forms designed for various skin types and specific situations. It is important to know the difference between all of them in order for you to choose which one suit you best.
POWDER: This is the most popular type of blush because it can be used for both day and night. The powder blush is very easy to apply. Use a blush brush in circular motions from the cheeks towards the temples to pull off an instant glow in seconds. It is good for all skin types but works wonders for those who have oily skin because of the matte finish it gives. The color may fade after a couple of hours and may require touchups at some point.
CREAM: This is ideal for those who have dry skin because it contains oil and moisturizing ingredients that can keep skin hydrated. The cream blush is best applied using your fingertips. Begin from the apples of the cheeks and simply blend upwards for a velvety look. It offers more intensity than powder blush and is therefore suitable for evening wear.
GEL and TINT: These provide sheer, translucent shine. It's great for those with acne prone skin because they are mostly water-based. Just like the powder blush, the gel and tint types are also very easy to apply. Just dab some on your cheeks using your fingertips and evenly distribute it all over. You have to blend it fast otherwise it will look streaky since these types dry very quickly. The gel and tint blushes cling very well to skin so reapplication during wear is not necessary. Terrific for day to night time looks.
SHIMMER and ILLUMINATOR: This creates a gleam that lights up the face. The color it provides is very light so you have to layer it with a powder or cream blush as your blush base for more definition. You can also dab some on your forehead and just below the arch of the eyebrow bone for added sheen and sculpted look that is absolutely perfect for night outs. Don't use it if you have visible pores for it will only accentuate them.


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